Train your brain and stay protected.


In these times of catastrophe, we human beings have to remain very vigilant about what is happening around our city ,in our nation and in the entire globe. With every passing hour, we have become so anxious about the latest updates, be it any new addition to the already growing list of positive COVID 19 cases. A war like situation indeed. Our fingers remain crossed .Eyes constantly glued to the television or the mobile phone or the laptop for any  good news about possible cure of this deadly disease. Its good to be optimistic no doubt. But times have really changed now .We just cannot afford to sit idle and blindly hope that the virus will soon go away. We  have to do away with this kind of attitude that  the novel Corona virus will not affect me, my family or my locality .We all remember the saying , “Prevention is better than cure”. Now is the time to follow the same in letter and spirit. Its time to become little more suspicious , little more careful in our daily transactions or interactions with the human world . Every single sneeze , spit and cough must be looked with an eye of suspicion if we are really committed to  fight the virus and achieve victory in the end . Its time we looked every object from outside that is entering our homes , as a possible carrier of the virus. The clothes and shoes we wore to the market, the shopping bags ,the groceries , the mobile phone, the wallet ,the handkerchief , the loose cash that came back from the shopkeeper or vendor outside our home , and the list is endless.  For ladies , there are few extra items that needs care-the scarves, the rings, the bangles, the purse and every accessory that is being carried by her while going out of doors needs sanitization.

It’s a war like situation outside our homes. The doctors and the paramedics are the frontine warriors and we public are soldiers in this war against Corona. Researches about the virus ,the symptoms and the vaccine are going on day and night across the globe.Nothing is concrete till date. With every single piece of information that is flowing across the internet, the television ,the newspaper and the online research journals , we are making best use of it to understand the complexity of the virus. More complex is the current situation in handling the state of affairs by the various governments of the world , regarding health as the priority sector .It’s an unprecedented situation. No one ever knew about the virus. No one ever handled such a situation in their lifetime. Even for the general public, maintaining daily lives with extra protection and hygiene is also no cakewalk, given our carefree attitude since ages.

The ignorance or unawareness amongst the uneducated masses  in understanding the complexity of the virus and the consequences of their ignorance may pose a threat to the greater society. The recent acts of insanity against the doctors and the police bear testimony to the above fact. A few law breakers across the country ,who consider themselves as brave hearts at such testing times are actually bringing harm to themselves and the society. What is more painful at this juncture is when educated people  start behaving insensibly and carelessly. This is clearly proved in the markets while disobeying social distancing and not maintaining public hygiene . Thanks to the government, finally masks have been made mandatory in the public places. This too could have been practised  well in advance by our educated or uneducated masses had they understood the complexity of the virus and its contagious nature. I also fail to understand the logic behind the long morning walks still practiced religiously by our so called health freaks. Are they really health conscious? Also , I am equally shocked to see the religiousness of most  people of our country. In the name of religion, most people were seen entering the temples and mosques to offer their prayers . Are they blind followers ? When ancient religious scriptures themselves themselves teach us how to tackle such a pandemic situation , it clearly speaks we haven’t read them well and doing just the opposite of what we should not do in these times. No religion teaches hatred .It only teaches love and care for humanity. When such a pandemic occurs , we are only taught that there should not be any movement of people across other places. Confinement  and containment are the only prevention tools until a cure comes out officially . This is another example of how prevention can be better than cure.

Therefore, now when we are still in  lockdown ,when we go out next time for any outdoor work, let’s take a deep breath and think twice. Let’s  train our brain in a different way. Although, its tough  to forget our past carefree behavior in the public scene ,with respect to daily transactions and social interactions.  Our approaches must change while dealing with the outside world. Gradually, we must feed our brain to be a little more suspicious for a good cause. Its good to think negative sometimes for the greater sake of the humanity. Being positive that nothing will happen to me and my family, might turn out into more Corona positive cases and cost many ignorant lives. We must consider everybody around us an asymptomatic carrier (a person showing no symptoms of Coronavirus) of COVID 19 and has every possibility of infecting us. Also let us consider too, that we ourselves could be an asymptomatic  carrier of COVID 19,capable of infecting all around ourselves. So it is high time now, let us train ourselves , by using all our knowledge about the virus, common sense and intelligence to tackle the unseen small but mighty virus. A small trick might save many lives in the coming future, “Do not get infected nor infect others”. Stay safe, stay sane and protected.


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