The world in a lockdown

global lockdown

Until a few months ago, probably the world had not heard about the word called ‘Lockdown’ . Life was going on the way it had always been. Suddenly , somewhere during the festive season in the month of December, some terrible news appeared in the various newspapers of the world. The origin of a virus called the novel Corona virus made special headlines in the leading newspapers. Initially it didn’t bother so much as it is now.The virus made its first appearance in Wuhan, a city in China. However ,all eyes remained on China as how the country was affected ,  how it had started and how it was being tackled over a short period of time amidst many deaths .In fact ,everyone was praising China looking at their quick assessment and quick tackling of the contagious disease. For the first time, China declared lockdown to contain the spread of the disease. They finally were successful in putting an end to the growth story of the virus with zero cases at one point of time. Recently it is heard that a second wave of the virus is sweeping the country again from the recovered patients.

Today, the story has taken a very different twist and is far more painful than one could ever imagine in history. Who knew 2020 is going to be the last year for most  people on this globe? The disease has been  exploding  at a massive  scale  globally . Until towards the end of mid March, the world had not known that it would one day be declared a Pandemic by W.H.O .It was already too late for most advanced nations in Europe and North America. People kept travelling from one part of the globe to another,there was no restrictions on their movement. Even after lockdown was announced by most nations , many countries were still not sure about the seriousness of the disease. Life kept moving as before .This had really taken a huge toll in countries like Italy, Spain, France and recently it is very very sad to see U.S. suffering so badly with the highest number of deaths recorded in the entire world.

As if its wartime now, or is this World War III.The entire world is under house arrest. The doctors and paramedics, the army ,the police are the warriors fighting for us day and night to wipe out the only enemy a small but actually big virus. Lockdown ,the only powerful weapon in our hands to check the spread . Already millions fighting for their lives in various hospitals .Doctors and nurses working 24×7 to save humanity .So many doctors had already sacrificed their lives while saving their patients.

For the first time in history, the most significant places of worship have been shut down to save humanity. At such a crucial juncture of our lives, we have seen our lives are also fast changing .The way we work, the way we buy our essentials, the way we seek medical help, the way we learn have suddenly shifted to the online mode in a big way. As if, if we don’t bound ourself to such a change, we shall never survive or win this big war against the virus. Although , we can go out to get our essential tings from the outside shops, we have to maintain social distancing and ensure wearing a mask and maintain all necessary hygiene to fight the small virus. 

I know , the world is already tired or bored of this lockdown .Its natural because suddenly we have forced ourselves to such a paradigm shift. But we must not forget, whatever happens ,happens for a reason. The world around us is repairing itself,cleansing its wounds inflicted on her by humans.  Pollution levels going down which is good for us. I believe ,with the passage of time, the world will have a medical cure against the virus and things will be normal .But my greatest fear right now is  if the lockdown is over, will humans forget these days? Will we take a lesson ? I just pray ,we must not forget this chapter of our lives .It should definitely be narrated to the coming generations for their knowledge and precautions of an ever changing world.

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