A spring of hibernation

I heard a thousand blended notes,
While in a grove I sat reclined,
In that sweet mood when pleasant thoughts
Bring sad thoughts to the mind.”

(Quoted from the famous poem “Lines Written in Early Spring” by William Wordsworth)

The above are a few lines which I have highlighted from the mentioned poem. Today’s times can be better related to such a moment as already experienced by the poet in the past.

What is the first thought that comes to one’s mind when we pronounce the word ‘Spring’? Broadly speaking, rejuvenation, rejoice, resurrection, regrowth and many other such words can definitely be associated with the word ‘Spring’ if we consider from the global perspective. A feel of freshness, sweet fragrance, brightness, colourfulness, hopefulness and the spirit of optimism rules everywhere across the globe.

Spring seasons have been best described and eulogized by the renowned poets starting from Shakespeare to Wordsworth in the bygone past. Poets across the world have always been inspired to write beautiful poems, during this beautiful season of hope and new beginnings. In Assam, Spring has a far bigger connotation than simply a season of colourfulness and freshness. Yes, we associate Spring with Bihu(Bohag Bihu), the most awaited festival of the year in this region. A festival of happiness, colours, good food, love and respect, prosperity and unity across diversity in the region.


However, this Spring had a totally different story to narrate to mankind. A lifetime experience of staying indoors, hibernating ourselves due to the global lockdown. A pandemic has been casting its ugly shadow on all of us since a few months ago, and now depriving us to celebrate our Spring festival too. The entire world is under lockdown or house arrest for the first time in history. Lockdown, the only short term weapon we have at our disposal to fight against the virus, to mitigate the spread across people or else the virus will spread like a wildfire through community transmission. A small but deadly virus is ruling outside our houses, in the streets, in the markets and everywhere. People are dying, getting affected in huge numbers everywhere. The fight for a vaccine is running across the globe to save mankind. Researches are going on unabated to find origins, nature and cure against the deadly virus. Schools, colleges, offices, places of worship and all other public places, recreation centres, offices all shut down to break the chain of the Coronavirus. The state borders and international borders are all sealed and under tight control. All domestic and international modes of transport remain suspended as there is no other way to stop the passenger traffic, to contain the virus.


The sudden declaration of the lockdown came as a bolt from the blue as it was a first time experience for all living souls of the human race. It took time for people to understand and adapt and today it has become a part of our life and it is like just another day. Of course, it took a little time for people living in remote areas or villages to understand the mighty virus and its repercussions on the human race. But today, people are readily adopting this new way of survival in crisis times like these. Governments across the world are working unitedly, sharing data, knowledge and information, medical know-how, quick support in terms of medicine, finance or any other medical kits or equipment. Thanks to the Cuban doctors when Italy was witnessing its worst days of lifetime. Thanks to the Government of India for your quick delivery of hydroxychloroquine medicines to the worst-hit U.S. At this war-like situation, one thing that keeps me positive is that we may be divided by national boundaries, but at the end, we all are connected by one common thread called “Humanity”. I just pray that such noble virtues should not go to oblivion once this virus gets eradicated forever. It’s only during bad times, realisations happen and if we humans can keep a note of these crisis times for brighter tomorrows, we definitely will have a sustainable and healthy future for coming generations too.


 A spring of hibernation


5 thoughts on “A spring of hibernation

  1. Indeed,what we need today is unity as major tool to fight COVID.
    Though we are by social distance far from one another,we spiritually need to be connected by crying our heavenly farther.

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