A comeback this International Women’s Day

Every woman on this earth needs a comeback!

Where did I stop last ? Does any one remember? Ha! Ha! I too forgot. A big big break indeed. Every now and then , my followers kept pinging on in my social media accounts or kept asking my hubby ‘Hey, where is she(me)? Why is she not writing any more ? We have been waiting so long’ ! And there my fellow lecturers and my seniors kept asking me and my hubby will I be joining the next semester. I wish I could give a direct reply. I still appreciate everyone’s love , support and longings’ for me. Already I had to skip two semesters in a row. One was planned due to my research work in India. The other was unplanned. This time I was enroute to Uganda along with my hubby . But it was not in my destiny to reach Uganda as scheduled. I had to return in between as my health broke down seriously in my first flight itself. During my last visit to India , I was actually loaded with multiple tasks or responsibilities ,family as well as career related. Everything was going fine . But health wise , most of us in the family had suffered a lot starting from my brother, my father and finally myself who is still undergoing diagnosis and various treatments .

Today , I am feeling somewhat positive and better . Also I feel some good vibes surrounded by the Indian Spring setting combined with the International Women’s Day feel in the air that is already blowing across in most parts of India. I suddenly got a whisper from my soul :”Why am I not writing” ? I am not doing right by feeling sick all time . Let me come back atleast on  this Women’s Day, when  the world will be busy celebrating International Women’s Day. I believe some organisations have already begun to show their love and respect for women by celebrating the International Women’s Week.  In my country, India , Hima Das ,a world famous athlete ,better known as the Dhing Express in Assam(India) has been offered the prestigious post of DSP , a high ranking official in the Indian Police.

At this moment , if things had gone according to my earlier plans, I would have found myself attending one of the most important conferences in Egypt conducted by Women Economic Forum, a renowned international organization of repute for women across different walks of life. Also this location was special to me because it is in Africa , one of my neighboring countries just a flight away.  Now is the situation when I can only imagine my presence attending the various sessions or going for tour trips after the discussions . Alas I missed it !  But its ok. I have learnt to be happy missing many things in life. But I realize now, that I cant stop writing . What I need is a comeback .So all women , let us all join hands together , whatever problem we are facing in any phase of our life , let us learn to accept it  but never lie down because it is only a matter of time. Brushing all hassles of life  aside , let us all pledge to build some space for ourselves and dare for that comeback!  


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