A new journey on a day of love

Today is a special day, a day of love, “Valentine’s Day” as the world celebrates. In fact, the whole week had very been special for lovebirds around the world. But, of course, love has a deeper meaning than celebrating it on a single day or a week either. If you have ever listened to your soul and loved someone to the moon and back, be it a person or any hobby or whatsoever, I am sure you will understand what I want to convey.

Coincidentally, I am setting out for a new journey for my love today itself. I actually want to give a home or a shelter to my thoughts and expressions in the form of blogs. This journey should have begun a long time back but due to some reason or the other, it always took a back seat. My friends, colleagues and all my well wishers have always been the prime source of inspiration and encouragement to give me this final push. So my heartfelt thanks to all of you to make me realise my skills and take it to the next level. I have always been a very expressive and aggressive person with regards to my flow of thoughts and communication.

As a guest lecturer in Marketing in Kyambogo University, Kampala, I have always been teaching my students about the importance of respecting oneself, listening and responding to one’s soul and most importantly the art of communication in our daily lives. Communication is not only confined to the echelons of any society in this world. You need not be a Shashi Tharoor to scatter “Farrago” of communication or use jargons or bombastic words only to show off your in-depth knowledge of lexicon or the Oxford Dictionary. What is the use of communication if two persons do not understand what one is communicating? Since my first days of working in an African environment, mostly being around with the student community, I have been understanding well the importance of communication. Also, it is my first teaching job in life and that too teaching students of a different country and a different continent, who are not raised like students in India. Culture plays an important part in communication. What is good in India may not be the same here and vice versa. The exchange of accent, tone and most importantly a brief understanding of syllables were the initial takeaways for both sides. It was more like a student exchange program or a confluence of ideas related to culture, race and the land of origin for the first few days. However, my subject of teaching posed no serious problems or threats to my new career as knowledge remains the same across the world. But, I again started reading books by Kotler and Keller in Africa too to brush up my knowledge. This time, the editions were a decade new to me since I did my MBA ten years back in 2008. Will share more experiences in the coming days. Keep loving and sharing my stories. See you soon until my next blog!

26 thoughts on “A new journey on a day of love

  1. Wooow!!! Its beautiful, welcome to Africa and its also important for us to know ur experience with us here, most importantly that you’re sharing ur knowledge and ideas with us. Thanks
    We love you, and waiting for more of these!!!

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  2. Wonderfully expressed, Jyotsna! Looking forward to more of your write-ups in the near future. Way to go, girl!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

    After going through your article, I had a feeling exactly like: Well,who will understand the importance of communication more than me exactly at this point of time?! My China diaries are equally interesting and pathetic too. You inspire me girl to put them in words before the memory fades once I am back to India. Thanks, dear!

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  3. Communication to a person is like eyes to our souls. Each time we communicate to fellow human beings, we open up New windows and doors.Keep writing my dearest,i shall always be your fan..

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    1. Great start. I also personally believe the idea that there need not be any toung twisting words , jargons to communicate well. Simplicity in communication should be sought after more often than complexity. Ultimately it’s the idea and way to express the idea that matters for me. Hope you will keep writing more. Loved the start of your journey in blogging. Good luck.

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  4. Wow…. from a hardworking banker , Teacher, now a writer … what an ordeal … looking forward for many more … Keep writing โœ๏ธ โค๏ธ

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